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Isabel Scalded Her Left Hand

Posted Jun 11 2013 11:32pm
From The Suzette

Exactly 2 Weeks ago, Isabel tried to fill up her drinking bottle with water. As usual, she wanted warm water (i.e. cold + hot water) in the bottle. And as usual, this little girl wants to act like a grown up, she wanted to it herself. Not a bad thing after all, but she tried to do it the wrong way, filling water from the little spout that is smaller than 5 cents coin. Even a grown up also finds it challenging and would not do it. So, she was stopped by my helper.

At that point when she was stopped, she was angry as usual lah, rolled her eyes and grumpy.

Then… when my helper when to shower, she sneakily went into the kitchen and did the thing that we didn’t allow her to do… That’s when I suddenly heard her screaming. When I rushed into the kitchen, her left hand was red, from the middle of her forearm down to the fingers.

Immediately I pulled her to the sink and put the hand under running cold tap water. After 10 min, she still complaint of pain, the moment the hand is removed from the water. We literally did the running water thingy for 40 min for she refused to get out of it. Apparently 10-15 min is sufficient, according to the doctor later.

I’m glad I did that first aid thingy, coz Dr Lee said that’s what we should do and nothing else he could offer for Isabel, except to give some cream to prevent infection.

This is her swollen fat fingers on the first night

After few days, big blister forms at the area that the cold water didn’t wash enough, coz she refused to open up her fingers (disobedient?)

From The Suzette

And after 1 week, the peeling of damaged skin makes the hand looks quite scary

From The Suzette

I hope this teaches her a good lesson, that she would be more obedient in the future, and would not do this kind of things without adult’s supervision. I remember at the point she was scalded, Ian also reprimanded her by saying, “Look, this is the natural consequences of not listening to mama, next time you have to be more careful and more obedient, okay?” ^_^

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