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Isabel Lost Her 2 Front Teeth

Posted Sep 05 2012 10:09pm

I am really, REALLY, bad in updating this blog. I owe Isabel for this… Someone, have to admit that, since Facebook is getting so popular and so easy to post stuff, this blog is less and less updated and readers also fewer. LOL! Hubby keep asking me whether it has already tutup kedai or not. :p

About less than a month ago, Isabel has one of her bottom front tooth fell off. She has been complaining that it was painful for a long time, and that she couldn’t eat well with that tooth. Many occasions I tried to pull off for her, but I couldn’t dare!! Asked MIL, somehow timing always bad that she is not willing to pull.

Finally, when she was eating lunch one day, the moment she took out the white pao, my mom saw blood! Then, realized the tooth must have fell off. She couldn’t even find the tooth, assumed is in the bite of pao that she spit out. Haha! We didn’t manage to keep her tooth for her.

Then, yesterday, when she was doing her homework in her room, she ran out and showed me her second tooth! It just fell off. Not much blood, but she said it is a bit painful this time. As for that tooth, it is in the dustbin now. LOL! We don’t keep it. :p

Oh, my girl is growing up…! Next year she will be in standard 1. I feel old… :)

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