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Isabel’s Bloody Red Eyes

Posted Aug 21 2010 1:56am

This last 1 week I have been put stressed many times. First, on Monday was the H1N1 scare . We ended up having the 3 of us had the H1N1 vaccination (myself on Tuesday).

Then, on Thursday night, she came home from school, after shower, kept having lots of discharge on her eyes. At one point she said she couldn’t see (clouded by the discharge). Immediately we took her to see Dr. Lee.

We gave her eye drops every 2 hourly (except sleep) and some anti-histamine to reduce the itch. Midnight, she woke up with both eyes glued by the discharge! She couldn’t open her eyes at all! Pity girl…

But the drops work. On Friday morning, discharge was cleared, and she looked completely alright, though I still kept her at home, afraid that it is still contagious.

Just as we thought she has got well… This morning, she woke up with her eyes like this!

Red eye 1

And the right eye slightly better

Red Eye 2

We had to cancel her swim lesson, and brought her to see Dr. Lee again. Glad that Dr. Lee said it is “just minor” capillary burst, could be a result of her vomit last night. Whew! But still, scary! Like watching horror movies, with that kind of eyes!

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