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Is Your Look Basic or Boring?

Posted Feb 27 2011 7:14am

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and how you see your wardrobe and personal style is largely subjective. It's also in how you present yourself. What may be basic to some may be just plain boring to others. But I want to tell you that these two words are worlds apart when it comes to building a great wardrobe.

The other day as I was shopping with a client who is embarking on a new career and needed to build a professional wardrobe, I pointed out a great dress and jacket combination that I thought would be perfect both together, but also separate as core items to create multiple outfits. Her response? How boring! I was surprised at this, but quickly realized she wasn't seeing the full potential.

Do you see your clothing as boring? Do you confuse your core pieces as ho-hum and avoid them like the plague? Then I'd like to give you a few tips to help shift your perspective and see the difference between boring and basic.

1/ First, boring means lackluster. An outfit that is boring lacks interest and energy. Who wants that? However, chances are your 'boring' outfit is just in need of a little re-frame to put things into perspective. I want you to understand just how important basic, or core, items are to your wardrobe. Think khakis, black pants, jeans, a white shirt, etc. Neutral items in your best basic colors that you can make multiple combinations with are the backbone of your wardrobe. Are they boring? Yes, on their own they certainly may appear to be. However, I'd like to encourage you to think of them as chameleons - they take on the style of whatever you put them with.

2/ Think of the Unexpected. When I get dressed one of my goals is to wear something that is unexpected. My feeling is that when I switch things up then it's attention getting, it stands out, but it still works. My goals is to wear something that absolutely works together but no one else would have thought to do just that. I want to inspire my own creativity as well as that of others.

3/ Consider the Possibilities. Sure, a basic gray dress can be plain and boring. But spice it up with a gorgeous skintoned cardigan, nude pumps and some eye catching jewelry in various shades of turquoise and you'll be anything but boring. When you think of your core (read: boring) pieces as just the foundation for many wardrobe possibilities, you uncover a lot of potential.

4/ Wear Colors in New Ways. One thing that gets boring real quick are simple, netural color combinations. Navy and khaki. Brown and khaki. Black and more black. But here's the kicker. You can easily elevate those items - and even outfits- to new heights with the addition of color. Perhaps you swap out your plain white tee for one in lavender under your brown jacket. Or try Navy, khaki and fuchsia for a vibrant trio! Black can be dressed up by adding a hint of metall ic - try a little silver or gold for a modern spin. It really is all in the mix!

5/ Don't Forget Your Accessories. By now I'm sure you've heard me singing the praises of accessories. Well, don't underestimate their power to make you look pulled together - and fabulous! They add color, texture and polish to your outfit while giving you a chance to inject a bit of your personality into the mix. Plus, they can be an inexpensive way to update your most boring pieces and let them be the backdrop for a few fabulously chic accessories that really speak to who you are.

So when you look at your wardrobe or go out shopping, don't confuse boring with basic. Basics are essentials that are necessary in every wardrobe, but boring is what happens when you're not paying attention or just feeling lazy. Take a few minutes to put a fresh twist on your basics and you'll find that the word boring is no longer a possibility!

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