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is the mood cure in our blood cells?

Posted Aug 29 2011 11:31am

We both sat and stared at this picture before us.  I was frozen, afraid to move, afraid that by simply breathing I would give away why I was there.

Suddenly he turned and looked at me with such empathy, and sighed."Oh Summer, what you must be feeling right now."
And I almost cried, because I was sure he was looking right into my soul.
This is exactly how my appointment began with Dr. Hugh Smith at my recent Biocytonic appointment.

I told him not one thing.He knew nothing of me before I walked into his office.And yet, within minutes of looking at the cells in my blood, he knew my battles and called them out one by one.
"You suffer from anxiety, don't you?""Do you tend to cry a lot, or easily?""You have absolutely no energy, and it takes you till probably at least 10 before you feel awake.  And then around 3, do you drop off again?""How about lower back pain?"
{i swear, i was NOT a riddled anxiety crying holding my back in pain almost asleep kind of a mess while i was there! i wore MAKEUP and DID MY HAIR!  i totally tried to trick him by appearing normal!}
I did however, sit there and nod, holding back tears....How did he KNOW?!?
He continued to list, and I continued to nod.
I was absolute complete awe at all that was going on in that single drop of blood, and how it was all just happening before me on a giant computer screen.  Things were moving and growing and changing.  It was all a bit surreal and amazing.
It wasn't until I heard the magic words that I snapped out of my daze:"How would you feel if I told you that within a week, you could already be on the road to recovery?  That all of this stuff is absolutely reversible."
I wanted to hug him.
We spent the next hour looking at my blood cells while he described every last detail of what he was seeing, and he patiently answered every one of my endless questions of, "Wait!  Woah!  What's that?!?"
He showed me on my white blood cells where I was aging, and told me he should be looking at someone in their 50's....not someone in their 20's.Okay, okay.  30's.  Who's counting?
{he also told me he could have prevented me from losing my gallbladder! what the?!?}
I begged him to give me an exhaustive list of EVERYTHING THAT WAS WRONG WITH ME, PLEASE!!!
...but he knew better.
"Let's just get you FEELING better....and then we'll move on.  Because if I can get you feeling better?  You'll believe in what I'm doing, and you'll trust the process."
And it was only then that he asked for the paperwork I had filled out listing my symptoms and medical issues, and then took a moment to look it over. Amazingly, he had already touched on each and every one as well as ones I didn't even think big enough to include.
"See?!?  Easy!"  He exclaimed.
"This isn't magic.  This is 500 years old what I'm doing...."

And as I walked out of his office with his cell phone and email address in hand ("call or text me ANYTIME you have questions, and I will always answer or get right back to you!"), I had hope for the first time in a long while.
I felt understood, listened to, and cared for.
If you've followed my blog for awhile, you know of my health issues along with the anxiety that at times comes without warning.  I thought it was just me.  In my head.  The thorn in my flesh, and I would just have to learn to overcome.
Come to find out, perhaps there is a reason.
A reason that can be fixed.
It's been a week now on the supplements...
{supplements he doesn't sell, btw...i don't know, somehow that was important to me}
Do I feel better?
Amazingly, yes.
Am I totally cured?
Not yet.

But, I believe the things worth having are worth fighting for....and sometimes real complete healing takes time.
And suddenly this path I'm on, doesn't feel so confusing anymore.
Mostly because I have a cell phone number to use anytime I have questions.

And believe me, I've already used it.

{this post is already WAY longer than I planned, so i'll go into more details another time.  or feel free to ask questions and i'll answer in the comments.}

© 2011 "Le Musings of Moi"
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