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Is Our Children Getting Enough DHA?

Posted Apr 10 2009 11:04pm

I have to admit that I know very little of these alphabets AHA, DHA, whatever xxA. I just know that, one of the important components in breast milk is the high essential fatty acids (EFA - includes DHA), which our body is not capable of synthesizing (hence the term “essential”).

And although I know DHA is very important in supporting children’s learning, to be honest I never thought about whether my children have enough or where to get them. I have been very comfortable thinking that they got enough from daily food sources.

So the question is, are my children getting enough DHA?

Last Sunday when I went to Carrefour at Mid Valley, I saw Enfagrow A+ and Enfakid A+ launching their new enhanced products with “More than 4x DHA and Dietary Fibers”. Ian was with me, and we had some fun time at their booth.

They have 2 separate sections, one for the kids and one for the parents. Kids can play at this magnetic game section, where they are given a set of magnetic shapes to make into different graphics. This Smart Play Magnetic Set is also given free with the purchase of 1.7kg or 1.3kg of Enfagrow/Enfakid A+. Ian enjoyed it so much while I was at the parents’ section.

Enfagrow Magnetic Game

Over here at the parents’ section, they have consultants/nutritionists explaining some facts about DHA.

Tell you what… at that point I only realized that I have been wrong about DHA. I always thought grains, beans and greens have very high content of DHA, and I was wrong!

Look, these are the food with ZERO DHA:

Enfagrow DHA chart 2

Those food has high DHA content are fish, fish oils, algal oils, egg yolk, meat and milk (fortified).

Now, their consultant show us an example of 1 serving of egg, 1 serving of chicken and 3 cups of Enfakid A+, and it met the daily requirement for Ian’s DHA intake:

Enfagrow DHA chart

Can you believe it - 3 glasses of the milk has more than half the daily requirement?! But it might not be true if it is from other brands of growing up milk, coz according to them, Enfagrow A+ has the highest level of DHA among formulated milk powder brands for children in Malaysia.

Hmm… Looks like it is about time for me to switch my kids’ milk brand to this one!!

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