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Is obesity keeping your child from living past 100 years old?

Posted Oct 05 2009 9:00pm

ABC News very recently posted a very informative article entitled " Today's Babies Are Expected To Live Past 100".  Interesting since many journals, articles and postings these days address the health issues and daily routines that are, more likely than not, decreasing our longevity.  

It is primarily an article relating more to the adult and geriatric population rather than to childhood obesity directly; however, since our children will become adults and finally elderly, it is certainly worth visiting this subject area.  Diagnoses of major medical conditions that in the past had led to sure and certain morbidity and death (such as cancer), no longer have the hold on us as a society at large that they used to.  Major advances in medical research and technology  have led to increased longevity in these area and this is promising and reassuring to some degree.  

Before we pat ourselves on the back and kick up our feet, Dr. Harrison Bloom of the International Longevity Center of New York, is quick to point out that "more than half of the population living today can live until 100.  But that would assume better eating habits, a  healthier lifestyle  and continuing improvements in the environment.   That lifestyle would definitely mean less obesity. The diabetes and obesity epidemic today is very real.  A lot of people are going to die earlier than their projected life span would have been."

In addition to the already-known health issues associated with being overweight such as poor self esteem and bone/joint problems, the CDC reports that  obese children and young people  are experiencing what used to be more commonly known as adult disease -- heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, some cancers, and osteoarthritis -- that certainly have been shown to shorten life span.  

Healthy eating  and  physical activity  CAN make a difference!  It really would be a crying shame for this generation of adults to not to our absolute BEST to give that quality longevity to our kids.  We can each play a part!

Picture by Piter Pkruger, PhotoXpress

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