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Is it true?

Posted by MonWiz

Hello everyone.

I was wondering, is it true that a females body craves pregnancy when it reaches a certain age, or if it has been in a long term relationship?

I guess what I'm getting at is this. I have been in a 10 year relationship and my partner still is not ready to have a child. I am getting extremly frustrated with this as I feel as not only my brain wants children, I feel it in my body as if somethng is missing.

I also  'feel' pregnant nearly every month, I have the classic symptoms but I have never been pregnant. I am 26 years of age.



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I hadn't heard of a "body craving" before, not that it doesn't exist though! I think that our soul, body, and mind are all quite intertwined.  So if your heart really desires a pregnancy I believe that your body could very well respond in kind.  

Probably a question to ask is why you want to know if this craving exists? 

Do you need a reason to want a child? Or do you need a "fact" in order to bring up the topic with your partner?

My opinion is that you can discuss anything your heart desires, if that is your desire, then your partner should respect that and be open to a discussion.  (Not that he should necessarily agree with it - but if we love each other, we are open to at least discussing it!)

And my final point in this sermon:  It takes TWO "yes" to decide to have a child, and only ONE "no" to squash the idea. Oh the joys of a life-long partner!  I hope it works out well for you!



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