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is accidental shopping considered shopping?

Posted Jan 13 2012 2:02am
Oh my.  This is going to be tough to answer.  Partly because my husband may be watching, and partly because I’m not sure how to define “shopping” and “budget.”  I mean, those are some pretty loose terms.  I go grocery shopping, and toiletry shopping….and vitamin shopping…and sometimes on accident, there happens to be other shopping involved at the same time.  So honey (husband), maybe you shouldn’t see this one.  It could get a little awkward.







What keeps you up at night? I feel a slight relief that we are being asked this question, because it implies that other moms are being kept awake at night as well.  Isn’t it sad that we’re always comforted upon hearing we aren’t alone in our troubles of being a mom?  I guess it’s just how we unite. Anyway, what keeps me up (besides my actual kids.  When does that end, by the way?) is a plethora of things.  A list that goes on and on and on…..and it often involves me waking up Jimmy to talk it all out.  At midnight.  Good times.







Who do your kids prefer?  Mommy or Daddy?
Oh this is easy.  Me.  I mean, really, who doesn’t prefer me?
I’m kidding. (stop with the WTF’s.  It’s ajoke.) =)
I thought about asking the kids directly for this one, but I was too afraid of the answer….especially during PMS.  I’m much too sensitive for what could be the truth.
Instead I’m going to attempt to answer for them using my powers of logic.
We’ll start with thinking about whom they prefer to interrupt on the phone….or who never gets to go to the bathroom alone….






And others from this week: How do you organize your home and family life for the New Year? What's your guilty pleasure?

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