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Iron Maiden

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:07pm
If you've ever read my Blogger profile page (and if you haven't, you should because my answer to the question is really quite amazing), you'd know that I hate housework. I do enough to keep my house livable (read: bug free. Except for those stupid asian beetles, which you can't really prevent), but you will never find me gleefully scrubbing the kitchen floor.

My husband still loves me despite this character flaw, but the other day, he hinted that perhaps his work shirts were a little wrinkly. And that perhaps my method of just repeatedly throwing things in the dryer wasn't working for his dress shirts. I said that this was a problem, since I was pretty sure that we received an iron for a wedding gift, but I was also pretty sure that I had no idea where it was. He suggested getting a new iron, and I said, "Yeah, okay" and then I pretended that our conversation never occurred. Now before you're all, "Make him do his OWN LAUNDRY, GIRL POWER," let me clarify that my husband does ALL the cooking and grocery shopping, so I'm mostly content to do laundry duty.
He brought it up again, and I was all, "Listen, if someone wants to send me a robot maid in exchange for a blog review, then your clothes will get ironed. Otherwise, don't hold your breath."

Panasonic did not send me a robot maid, but they DID send me the Panasonic 360* Quick Steam/Dry Iron. When it arrived, my husband was so excited that he threw about ten shirts at me and told me to get to work. Now, it's been years since I last ironed something, but I do remember what a pain it is because it seemed like the end of the iron always made more wrinkles. Panasonic has effectively solved this problem by creating an iron that is pointed on both ends. It also has a steam jet button, which means that you can get wrinkles out even faster. See above for why I like anything that promises faster results when it comes to housework. I found that the steam jet button really did work, especially around hard to iron areas like buttonholes.

I found this iron to be so user friendly that when I do find a company to send me a robot maid, I probably will still do the ironing myself while the robot maid cleans my bathrooms. Now that I've shared a tip with you on how you can make ironing easier, I would love tips on how you make other facets of housework easier. Someone recently told me that they don't light candles until the house is clean, so I've been using that as motivation to get each room clean, too, because I love candles! Oh, and if your tip involves having a robot maid, I'm going to hate you. Also, check back in a few days because I took some hilarious, yet informative, photos of me using the iron, but I'm too lazy busy ironing to upload them at the moment.

I did receive an iron for this review. I did not, sadly, receive a robot maid.
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