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Introducing the Liv Doll (giveaway!!).....

Posted Aug 11 2009 9:44am 6 Comments
When I was little, I was a huge Barbie fan....I would happily play with my Barbie dolls for hours. Well, really, any doll made me happy, especially if I could cut their hair. Since having a daughter, I get to re-live my youth because Bella also loves dolls! I have to admit I got all sentimental when we bought her very first doll for her. I envisioned us sitting on the floor for hours, surrounded by dolls, doll houses, tea sets...while sharing some wonderful mother-daughter bonding moments.

Let me just say that I have not been disappointed at all....those visions have turned into reality. When she and I walk down the doll aisle at Target or Toys R Us, we're like two kids in a candy store. Only she's actually a kid....what's my excuse?

I recently received an e-mail from the people at Spinmaster, asking me if I had a daughter who would enjoy playing with their latest creation....a new fashion doll line called Liv. I immediately showed Bella the images of the Liv dolls and she was excited about receiving one.

The Liv dolls are 4 totally new, totally cool best friends that each come with a great outfit, shoes, two funky wigs and their own extra awesome wigs that you can change, cut, curl and style. Not only that, they've got moves you've never even seen before!

From left to right....

Alexis: She lives for fashion. And loves to dress her friends.

Daniela: She totally lives for the music and she's dreaming big.

Katie: That girl lives for the thrill! But take away her wheels and she's a total klutz.

Sophie: She lives for the latest hairstyle and loves helping her friends change up their looks.

Bella received the Alexis doll, along with a wig pack and accessories (which included extra earrings, bracelet, necklace, shoes and a purse). She immediately began trying different looks on her doll....changing the wigs, accompanying the silver bracelet with the gold bracelet, changing her earrings. One of the most fun things about the doll is the ability to pose her in any position...her limbs are so flexible that you can actually have her do backbends, pose her hands on her hips...she can sit in any position she's placed in.

There's also a website, where doll owners can connect to the daily diaries of the girls, as well as their virtual closets, and more.

As a parent, one of the things I really like about the dolls is that they honestly remind me of real teenagers, who have real interests and hobbies. My oldest niece Jess, who's 17 years old, changes her hairstyles often....she loves to wear colored streaks in her hair, she loves to curl it and change up the style according to her mood. She's also into music and hanging out with friends. Most importantly, she's a positive role model for Bella, who really looks up to Jess.

The Liv Dolls are now available at all major retail stores in the US (...and yes, Target carries this new fashion doll line....Bella and I checked out the other dolls and their accessories last time we were there!!). You can also order them online directly from the site.


The generous people at Spinmaster have offered to send one very lucky winner their very own Liv Doll, along with a wig pack and extra accessories!! If you have a daughter (or a niece, granddaughter, or even a friend's daughter) I can tell you that, without a doubt, this doll will be a huge hit, just as it was with Bella, as you can see here in the picture to the right.

Here's how to enter the giveaway:

Leave me a comment here telling me which doll you think the little girl in your life would love to have.

For extra entries:
** You must complete the first entry above for other entries to count. Please leave a SEPARATE COMMENT for each additional entry.

-- Post about this giveaway on your blog and link back to my blog
-- Add yourself to my follower list (or let me know you are already following)
-- Follow me on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway (leave the URL of your tweet)

This contest ends on Monday, August 17, 2009 at 9:00 pm PST. One winner will be chosen via Please make sure you leave your e-mail address in your comment if it's not accessible on your blog profile.
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I think that i was writing something else and i posted something else...


Anyhow, the blog is quite good and i have reposted this comment to let people know that i am not a spammer

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I even used to play with dolls when i was kid and even today.

 As it is widely found that even a older person has some kind of kid hidden inside him...I think these collection are great to find and i hope to buy a one, not for me, but for my daughter..

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Yes, the new Liv dolls really looks awesome! I think my daughter would be highly interested in this stuff. She is really fond of dolls as i used to be in my childhood days.

Not even me but even my brother, while he was a kid, was fond of such dolls and we enjoyed playing with them for the whole day. From making them dressed better to arranging marriage ceremony for them, the day was passed beautifully :)

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I never played with such dolls as i am a boy but my kids always love to play with them. From making the barbie dressed to getting her out for the party, my kids love doing it.

I was there in Italy last week and got some very beautiful barbies for my kids. They were really happy with the gift they had from me..




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I think these dolls are really awesome and they are best friends of kids! I have purchased a doll recently for my daughter and she is quite happy with them..


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