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Interview with the experts - Part 2

Posted Nov 05 2009 10:01pm
With Halloween behind us now, the kids are already making plans for Christmas.

Let's see what the experts have to say about Christmas, from a kid's point of view.

What does Santa look like?
Cole: His skin is skin-colored and he has a red nose and a red jacket. He has white stuff on his jacket, which is fur from a giraffe. I think he wears a brown hat.
Bella: He wears a red hat and a red shirt. I'm pretty sure he has white pom-poms on his jacket. His mom made his clothes for him.

Where does Santa live?
Cole: In the Earth with his elves
Bella: In the Earth where the elves live because they need supervision

What is Santa doing right this very minute?
Bella: Probably building toys and eating cookies
Cole: He's putting Bella on his bad list and he's watching the elves to see who's working the hardest on my toys

How does he keep track of what you want for Christmas?
Cole: We have to show him the flyers from the newspaper
Bella: Well, we see him in the mall and that's when we tell him what we want

How does Santa get to every single house in one night?
Cole: He flies on this really fast motorcycle. When the sun comes up, he has to go home. If he missed some houses, he'll just visit them again next year
Bella: He buys a flying car and the reindeers fly him in the air

Is the Grinch real?
Cole: No, he's just make-believe to scare children into behaving good
Bella: Yeah, he is real. He looks all green and old, like an alien grinch
Cole: If he's real, then how come we never see him in the mall with Santa?
Bella: Because they're not friends, that's why

Do most families have a special dinner on Christmas day?
Bella: Yes. We have cookies, actually gingerbread cookies, and macaroni and sushi
Cole: We have beef that's brown, but not's just a little cooked. Just the way I like it

Does Santa bring gifts for parents?
Cole: No, because parents already have everything they need
Bella: Yes, if you call Santa and you tell him what you want, he'll bring it unless you make your kids go on time-out a lot, then he doesn't like you anymore and he won't bring you anything. Not even a new purse or hair scrunchies

Is it customary to leave food for Santa on Christmas eve?
Cole: Yeah, if you leave him cookies, he'll leave you more presents
Bella: Yeah, it's good manners to leave food for people who visit, even Santa. And you should leave carrots for his reindeers because he likes that and the carrots help the reindeers see so they don't crash Santa into the ground. That would ruin all the presents.

How does Santa know if you're good or bad?
Bella: The elves watch us on the monitor and they report it to Santa. If we're nice, they tell Santa. If we're mean, they better not tell him.
Cole: Because the elves watch you on the monitor. They watch you every single day for the rest of your life.

Have you ever been on the bad list?
Cole: Nope, never but I've only been alive for a couple years. Hopefully I'll never be on the bad list.
Bella: Never. Well, maybe. No, never. But I know someone who's been on the bad list.
Cole: Who?
Bella: Daddy....because he says bad words. The elves watch him too.

What would happen if you were still awake when Santa stops by on Christmas eve?
Bella: He'll say "oh no, I better leave. I don't want to give presents to you"
Cole: He'll say "oh no, you have to go back to your bed or I won't give you presents". Then I'll say, "Okay, I'll go back to bed and I promise I won't pee in it". That would make him very happy.

What are we celebrating at Christmas?
Bella: Uh, when Jesus was born when he was a baby. He was in a cradle and his mom rocked him to sleep. She was really nice and never yelled at him.
Cole: Jesus was born on Christmas so every year we make him a birthday cake. He doesn't eat it though because he never comes to our house. We eat the cake for him. I'm pretty sure that's okay with him.
Bella: Did you know that Jesus was born in a barn?
Cole: Yeah, under a bunch of stars and stuff.

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