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Internet Challenged? Learn the Ropes at

Posted Jun 13 2009 10:09pm

tellafriendfloater2 Let’s face it: plenty of adults who grew up before the term ‘dotcom’ entered the global vocabulary still don’t know a blog from a browser or Wikipedia from the encyclopedia. Now brings cyber-neophytes into the Internet age with step-by-step online tutorials that help you complete daily tasks faster and cheaper and even join the Facebook generation.

Want to learn to use SKYPE to make free Internet-based long distance calls? Netflix to have movies delivered to your door? MapQuest to get directions? Coupon Clippers to save money? Pandora to enjoy free Internet radio? Facebook to stay connected with friends and family? Those are just a few of the more than 200 websites on the syllabus at

Members can also learn basic skills such as how to use the major search engines, set up an email account, pay bills, and share and print digital photographs. They can get detailed instructions on how to buy plane tickets, make hotel reservations, buy and sell items on classified and auction sites, research health and medical information, trace family trees, and get product and business reviews. And much more.

Each tutorial consists of screen shots of the actual websites with easy-to-follow voice overs and demonstrations. Comprehensive written directions for each site can also be printed out and stored in a customized RosieKnows binder for ready reference.

The library of tutorials is continually expanding and completely customizable, allowing users to select the lessons they want to take in any order they choose. Members can retake lessons or test new skills with fun quizzes. Passing quizzes can earn points toward contests and charitable donations for non-profit organizations.

The Real-Life Rosie is the brainchild and namesake of Rosemary ‘Rosie’ Blandford, a 37-year-old Chicago-area mother of three who formerly worked as both an ER nurse and a teacher. The site grew out of Blandford’s own struggles to keep up with online technology and her realization that others faced the same challenges.

Several years ago, Blandford started tackling a list of topics she wanted to learn and began developing tutorials for herself. As she compiled these materials and shared them with friends, she hatched the idea of sharing her work with others who wanted to learn how to use the Web or sharpen the skills they already had.

“Everyone needs Internet proficiency today, whether they’re a student, a stay-at-home mom or a retiree. A lot of people are comfortable using the Internet for email and online shopping but find other sites too complicated or time-consuming to master on their own. I kept running into people who were frustrated at being unable to take full advantage of the wealth of resources available online,” Blandford said. “I decided that someone needed to help bridge the technology divide between the Internet veteran and the Internet novice, and does the job easily and effectively.”

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