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Posted Nov 17 2009 10:01pm

Kevin, number 52 in the blue, has been playing football since ninth grade and not once has he had opportunity to carry the football because he plays the line as a guard on offense and tackle or end on defense. His job is to block and tackle so that the hot shots can run the ball down the field.

Last week Kev had 4 sacks, a gazillion QB pressures, blocked a punt and then recovered the ball- awesome lineman stuff.

This week, in our first playoff game, Kevin intercepted the ball!

He told me that he saw the ball come his way and just instinctively put his hands up in the air. He was completely shocked by his catch but brought the ball to his chest and battled the urge to drop on it. When he realized that he could run it towards the end zone, his feet did the thinking and he took off running.

It was Darren’s reaction of screaming in octaves I didn’t know he was capable of that made me realize what was taking place and caused me to remove the camera from my face and just watch the sweetest play I’ve ever witnessed in football.

Kev ran the ball about 30 yards before getting caught by the opponent.

It was 30 yards of bliss.

My kid got to be a hot shot.

And a special thanks to this kiddo, Drew, who graciously agreed to run the video camera so that I could take game photos. Drew is a hot shot, too.

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