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Posted Jul 12 2013 9:48am

life rearranged

Today I’m linking up with our friend Jeannett from Life Rearranged for InstaFriday – the stories behind the pictures.

Last Thursday at Kate’s swim meet, Sam pitched an enormous fit because he wanted to play games on my phone and I wanted him to play games in real life with the 10,000 little kids surrounding him. Enormous fit. Like, we were that family for a few minutes. So I put him in timeout, and while I was ignoring his screams and the looks of all the people around us, I searched for four leaf clovers.

It is my only talent.


Five minutes after the conclusion of Sam’s fit and subsequent time out, this is what he looked like.


That’s right, judgy people, he was tired.

And BTW, when did his legs get so long and skinny? I don’t know how those little matchsticks of his could even be functional.

Friday night, we loaded up and went to the drive in.


Despicable Me 2 was the first feature, and it was fantastic. Loved it. Monsters U played next but we only made it about halfway through before hitting the wall of tired. As soon as we got in the car and headed home it started pouring down rain, so we were glad that we left when we did.

Saturday, Kate and I went on a date.


Because we are super fancy, we went to Bravo. The boys dropped us off and went on a man date at Fazoli’s, because they are not super fancy. And also because they like plastic bibs. Then we all went to Kilwins for dessert.

Sunday night the kids went to VBS and Andy and I went on a super fancy date to hike at the local nature reserve. I fell in the mud and Andy had to hose me off in the front yard before I was fit to go inside our house. We know how to party when the kids are away.


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What have you been Instagramming this week?

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