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Information on OASIS and the waivers

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:13pm
I know thousands of families and individuals are on the waiting list for the Medicaid waivers; but many of you do have a waiver already and I wanted to be sure you were aware of upcoming changes to the system. OASIS has been implemented in BDDS district 4 in Indiana and the plan is to continue to switch individuals with the Autism, Developmental Disability and Support Services waivers to the OASIS system. (This will not affect A&D and TBI-they just underwent renewal and their own set of changes, including a monthly cap on respite services)

The primary change will be in budgets. Currently, individuals look at the services they need and submit a budget or plan of care. That plan is then approved or rejected by the waiver unit. Once the budget is agreed upon, services can be arranged within the budget. It is possible to make changes to the way the budget is used, but it's not very easy to do.
Under OASIS, individuals will be given a score based on assessments and needs, and that score will correlate to a budget. Individuals with similar scores will have similar budgets. The individual can then purchase services as long as they stay within the allotted budget. Even though the budgets may be similar, the actual services an individual buys may be very different, based on a person centered plan. OASIS should also include a budget tool that will allow individuals to switch services within the plan year as long as the budget allows and services can be secured. It should allow for more flexibility.

However, another component of the OASIS change is in the way providers are paid and the rates they are paid. There are also some limitations on certain services, capping the amount of service you can purchase. This may impact individuals and the services they can choose.

I've tried to give you the basics in a nutshell; there are certainly more details involved. If this sounds confusing, it is. You should talk to your IPMG case manager prior to your switch to OASIS. I'm also posting information from DDRS, including links to the recent statewide presentation

If you would like more information on state changes that may impact your loved one with a disability, I encourage you to check the Family Voice blog. They will keep you updated.

from DDRS:

The Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) would like to announce that a recording of the December 17, 2008 Objective Assessment System for Individual Supports (OASIS) system transformation presentation is now available online for viewing. Those who were unable to watch the event live or anybody who would like to review the presentation can do so at: 3766.htm.

The program has been divided into eleven (11) chapters to help you find and review specific areas of interest. Once you click on a chapter, the embedded “video player” should automatically stream the recording. You may select any chapter at any time or watch the event in its entirety by selecting each chapter in turn. If the video does not start, click the “Launch in external player” link to view.

    1. Welcome
    2. Why OASIS?
    3. Self-Advocacy
    4. History & Background
    5. Equity & Partnering
    6. Importance of the Team
    7. OASIS Process & System Transformation
    8. ICAP Assessments, Allocations, Budget Tool
    9. Waiver Services & Participation
    10. Mediation & Appeals
    11. What’s Around the Corner?

Additionally, the OASIS system transformation slide show, as well as all related bulletins and announcements can be found at: 2903.htm.

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