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Ineffective, Inappropriate, Unsafe Vaccines Make Parents Question Whether to Vaccinate at All

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:05pm

what it do nephew by Eric Castro on Flickr under Creative Commons license

Last week, I participated in a community-based conversation about vaccinations at our local library that included two of our medical center’s nursing staff and a bunch of smart, well-researched, concerned moms. Though I’ve written two previous posts about vaccinations, I was compelled to write yet another to share the conclusion I and others came to at the end of this community discussion.

In my opinion, there are three vaccines that are clear examples of the government and the pharmaceutical industry pushing needless vaccines on the general public. These examples make me and other moms distrust the vaccination industry and the CDC, paralyzing us in our decision-making process about whether or not to vaccinate our kids and, if we do, for what diseases:

  • The chickenpox vaccine:

    As Dr. Sears mentions in The Vaccine Book, chickenpox, though bothersome to go through, is almost never a life-threatening disease. Getting the virus, in most cases, provides lifelong immunity whereas the vaccine, if given according to the CDC’s recommended schedule, can wear off by the time a child reaches adulthood, when chickenpox can have more severe symptoms. Often vaccinated kids get chickenpox anyway because the vaccine is not completely effective. Further, the chickenpox vaccine is made with a number of controversial ingredients, including human and animal cells, cow fetus serum, and MSG. Lastly, severe cases of chicken pox are treatable with antivirals like acyclovir. Why give your kid a vaccine that is not very effective, wears off by adulthood putting the vaccinated individual at higher risk, and is full of controversial ingredients, when the disease is not deadly and getting it actually produces life-long immunity? I say bring on the chicken pox party!

  • The Hep B Vaccine:

    Here’s a silly one…we’re giving a vaccine for a sexually and intravenously transmitted disease to all newborns just as they arrive (unless you tell the hospital you don’t want it which many parents don’t know they can do). Since it is unlikely that a newborn will contract an STD or shoot heroin, it doesn’t make sense to me that we would blanket newborns with a vaccine that has a much higher than normal frequency of severe side effects. What gives?

  • Gardisil, the HPV vaccine:

    Gardisil, the Human Papillomavirus Virus vaccine, has had a great deal of news coverage of late. HPV causes genital warts and certain strains can cause cervical cancer. The vaccine is given to 11-12 year old girls in hopes of inoculating them before they become sexually active. Problem is, studies have shown that the vaccine wears off within 3-5 years, just as many girls actually start to become sexually active.  Further, this vaccine which, like the H1N1 vaccine, was fast-tracked through the FDA approval process, is causing  a high percentage of serious side effects.  Lastly, cervical cancer can be caught with regular pap smears, and usually successfully treated; warts can be removed. So, why give your daughter a vaccine that has proven ineffective, and is causing a much higher than normal percentage of severe side effects, for a disease that is preventable via other non-harmful methods?

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