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Induction #2 Electric Boogaloo = FAIL

Posted May 07 2009 9:23pm
Okay. So you know what they say about the postman always rings twice? Or lightning never strikes twice? Or knock twice on the ceiling if you love me?

Wait, that's "knock three times" but that is neither here nor there.

Here's the story. I went to my OB appointment yesterday to discover that the new kid, she was not moving around as much as everyone would like her to be moving around. So, I was sent over to the hospital for a non-stress test (NST) to monitor the baby. NST = FAIL. She did not perform well on the NST, so I was sent down for an ultrasound. Ultrasound = FAIL. Just like when I was pregnant with Charlotte, this baby scored 4 out of the required 8 points on the biophysical profile test on ultrasound, so I was sent back upstairs to labor and delivery.

To decide whether I wanted an induction or an immediate c-section. Just like 2 years ago.

Yet again, I looked at the nurse and said, "Hmm. Maybe I should call my husband."

Yet again, I had strolled into the hospital carrying an ice coffee and my purse.

WTH, seriously.

Anyway, to make a very long story short, for a variety of reasons, I opted to try out an induced labor. Since this could be my last pregnancy, I wanted to try and deliver her as naturally as possible. I settled into a hospital gown and into bed and pitocin was started. And so did the contractions. I contracted for about 5 hours and then they inserted cervadil. My OB, bless her heart, gave me an ambien and I slept straight through the night from 11pm - 6:30am. At 9:00, a new OB from my practice took over and removed the cervidil. Cervidil = FAIL. My cervix decided that after 12 hours of a powerful ripening agent, well, it just wasn't even trying to hear that. After 12 hours of this supposedly powerful super fantastic cervix ripening drug, my cervix? WAS STILL CLOSED.

But! 80% effaced!

God almighty.

I asked my OB if we could repeat the biophysical profile test, because:
1. The baby was moving all over the freaking place
2. I assume during yesterday's ultrasound, she was taking a nap. Just like I still believe Charlotte was when I was induced with her.
3. It's 70 degrees and gorgeous out and I didn't feel like staying another day in the hospital.
4. I simply was not up for another day - or two - of pitocin only to probably have a c-section in the end.

Luckily, he said yes, I had the ultrasound and she passed with flying colors. At noon I was discharged with firm instructions to come back immediately if my contractions picked up or if my water breaks. I have another appointment on Tuesday (I think) and since I am WELL PAST my due date, I will either deliver this baby on my own by next weekend or, what is probably the more likely scenario, I will schedule a c-section towards the end of the week.

One nice thing is that I refused all pain meds last night and today and powered through the pitocin contractions with no problem. I am sure I'll still have the epidural if I happen to go into labor on my own, but it was actually not at all a bad experience to re-live labor. I knew what I was doing this time, and I'm not at all sad about having the practice. I'm also glad that I can use my iPhone at the hospital because I was keeping up with my twitter pals and I'll do the same when I go in for real.

My in-laws are here and Charlotte is napping, so I think this afternoon I'm going to take a long bath and relax while they go to the farm and cook dinner for us. All I'm really hoping for in terms of the rest of the afternoon/evening is a bath or a shower, maybe a nap, maybe a walk, and definitely? A glass of wine. Oh yes, I am having a glass of red wine.

Did I mention that this baby weighs 8lb 12oz? I need that wine.
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