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Index of all games on Top 4 Kids Online Games Sites

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:42pm

There are some online games sites which my young children love. However, to get to the ALL Games index, they sometimes have to go through the home page, then go through several other pages before they reach the ALL Games index. There are usually several pages to the All Games index as well but my list below is linked to the "SHOW ALL GAMES" so you get ALL Games on one page.

They love the ALL games index because it allows them to quickly glance through all the games available on the site and choose games to try out. "Mummy, can you show me where is the page that shows All the games?" is a frequent request.

So okay kids, mummy is going to put the index to ALL the games to ALL your favourite sites on this page for our easy reference ok?
  • index of all games - This site is regularly update with new exciting games for young kids. Its my kids' favourite. Kids browse all games by clicking right and left arrows.
  • BBC - Cbeebies index of all fun and games. There are 4 pages of games and they're all on this "SHOW ALL GAMES" page
  • Kindersite Directory of games. This one is a collection or directory of games from various sites. Clicking on those games will link you to more sites with more links to games. There is also a directory of Music & Songs, Stories, and Lullabies.
  • Sesame Street - You'd have to browse through 7 pages for all games on this site as they don't have the "SHOW ALL GAMES" on one page feature here. The new Sesame Street is still in Beta. It looks cool.
Now, all I have to do is favourite this page for my kids to explore!

Parents, you can feel free to favourite this page for your child too. :) Or if you have any good links to share, please drop me a comment. Thank you.

Disney Channel Fun & Games Index - link contributed by reader Simon
Kikki's Workshop - Great for little boys who like Construction equipment - link contributed by reader Henny
PBS Kids Index of Games. Within this link are links to music and coloring pages too - link contributed by reader blur mommy Games Indes - For younger kids - link contributed by reader Vien
Uptoten - Here is the Boowa and Kwala sitemap to all the games and activities listed in alphabetical order - link contributed by reader asianmommy

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