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In Sickness And In Health...

Posted Dec 17 2009 9:35pm
Manwhen it rainsit pours! Josiah has been a little off earlier this week; not really acting like he was in painjust more lethargic and "out of it" than normal. And lots of diarrhea. We were concernedso we took him to the pediatrician; double ear infection and a GI virus. Yuck. He got some antibiotics for the ears and the doc prescribed Gatorade for the GI issues since J has been going through a lot of Pedialite. He's beginning to perk up already!

Then there's miss Annie . . . she's been doing really well on whole milkbut I guess we need to up the fruits and vegetables because she got really constipated. I have to admit that it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. We were eating supper tonight and Annie starts grunting as her face turns bright red. I mean really red. Poor baby was workin' hard! I took her upstairs and gave her a bath which quickly turned that frown upside down. Then Josiah decides that little sister is having too much fun by herself and begins to jump in with his clothes on. We strip him down and they both got some wonderful "tub time" and we had a good chuckle as out two little lovelies having so much fun!
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