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In Search of My Waistline...

Posted Jun 23 2009 5:59pm
Mothers, I think that you will firmly agree that this pregnancy thing sure does a number on your waist!  Well, I would like to share with you a few experiences that I have had over the past 2 years (I have a toddler now) but especially over the past 3 weeks as I embarked on a 6 week journey to find my waistline once again. 
I have been able to do what I can with working around my son's crazy schedule, getting myself relatively fit again after gaining about 35 pounds in my pregnancy.  Over  the past 2 years, I was able to get back down to within 4-5 pounds of my pre -pregnancy weight (quite a feat, I must say, as those last 10 pounds are sticky!).  Yet I find these last 4 pounds and last 3 inches even more of a bear!  So, 3 weeks ago I came to my limit and said "That's it!  I want my waist back!" And here we find ourselves at this point...
Looking back at the first few days and week, I must say, were very tough --- we all know that the first adjustments are the hardest and certainly a bit of discipline and reminders of good health, eating and fitness tips help (along with distractions and keeping busy!).  So, the recommended things to cut out for waistline restoration are refined carbohydrates (pastas, cakes, cookies, packaged cereals, breads, etc) and low fat diets certainly.  I also decided that I was going to start doing my exercise regimens faithfully 5 days a week -- grant it, I was staying active running after my toddler and doing sporadic exercises here and there, but I certainly lacked the benefits of a regular exercise schedule.  
I have been reminded once again how good you feel doing exercise on an almost daily basis, how the hormones released during exercise help to clear your mind, how you need even just 40 minutes of time daily for you, how stretching at least once or twice daily helps you feel rejuvenated, and how eating more naturally and healthfully adds a skip to your step. 

So, how is she doing with reaching her goals?   Ok, on week 3, here are the stats...

Starting figures
body fat 25.8% (varies person to person, should be used only as a value to gauge each person individually)
BMI 24 (ideally, should be 19-23.9)
weight 139.8
waist circumference 33 inches ( youch!  used to be 29-30)
hip circumference 37 inches
waist to hip ratio 0.89 (should less than 1, ideally less than this)

3 weeks later -- super!  things seem to s..l..o..w..l..y be moving!
body fat 24.8% (-1)
BMI 24 (same)
weight 138.4 (-1.4)
waist circumference 32 inches (-1)
hip circumference 37 inches (same)
waist to hip ratio 0.86 (-0.3)

So, stay tuned for another update in a few weeks!  If you are joining me in your body reshaping journey, stay encouraged that we all have challenging days and moments and that you are not alone -- but persevere!  It is sooooo worth it!
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