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In Search of My Waistline - update, week 5

Posted Jul 17 2009 12:18am
Well, so let me give you an update on my progress of searching once again for my pre-pregnancy waistline. My initial goal was to work out 5 days a week and watch what I ate even more for 6 weeks. I had to cut that a bit shore by about a week and a half as we had a last minute vacation come into the scene... and, of course, I could not refuse it! (who would in their right minds, say 'no' to a vacation, right?)

Ok, here are the pre-vacation stats at week 5 (2 weeks after last report) ...

% body fat unchanged
BMI same
weight 137-138.4 (same, for all practical purpose)
waist circumference 31 3/4 - 31 1/2 inches (-0.5 -- hey! something is something, right?)
hip circumference unchanged
waist to hip ratio 0.85 (-0.01 -- super, i will take this too!)

So, we will see what happens after this 2 1/2 week vacation... my plan is to give my body a breather and just make sure that I am active but I will not actively seek to go to the gym ... I think both body, mind, and soul need a small break for the daily routine.

I believe that at this point in time I have done what I can on my own and upon my return will most likely enlist either the help of local trainer and gym or just bump it up on a notch and attend group aerobics and resistance training at a local gym... still 5 days a week.

keep you posted, keep your head up, stay focused!

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