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In need of a good laugh? Well, you've come to the right place....

Posted Sep 19 2012 2:19pm
I've got 3 words for you....Facebook Status Updates.

Need I say more?

Just now, Landon demanded that Garrett go upstairs and get him his pillow.

Garrett:  Uh, dude...unless you just deposited a check into my account, I don't work for you.  Get it yourself.

Landon:  (marches upstairs to get his own pillow)

Garrett:  Hey Mommy, I just said to Landon what you always say to us and it worked!

Not sure if I should be proud of this moment or not but I simply can't help beaming with pride right now.


Mom Fail #3,102..... 

I told Garrett and Landon this morning that I would have their heads on plates if they woke Cole up this morning. 

So then, I go to the let the cats outside and....bam.....set off the burglar alarm. 

Cole comes downstairs all sleepy-eyed and says, "The alarm woke me up." 

Garrett says, "Good going, Mommy". 


I just had the following conversation with Bella: 

Bella - Mommy, what does IDK stand for?
Me: I don't know 
Bella: No, IDK!! 
Me: I don't know!
Bella: No, what does it stand for?
Me: I'm telling you, I don't know!
Bella: How come you know what LOL stands for but IDK?
Me: I do, it's I don't know.
Bella: No, you just said you don't know. 
Me: For the love of God!! I - DON'T - KNOW. That's what IDK stands for...I don't know. 
Bella: Gosh, you don't have to get all mad about it. 

 I'm so glad God blessed me with a sense of humor because it's moments like this one that makes me want to pierce my eardrums with a toothpick.


This is what Garrett said to me today: 

"Mommy, it was fun when I was in your belly for those 17 years but, next time, I think I want to be in Daddy's belly because he eats junk food and drinks soda." 

Pregnant for 17 years? In Daddy's belly next time? 

What planet is this kid from? 



Bella just asked me, "Mommy, back in the olden days, when you were alive, was there a such thing as color?" 

Seriously, how old does she think I am?! 

(this status prompted one of the funniest comments from Karen ..."Sounds like she doesn't think you're old. She thinks you're dead.") Registered & Protected
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