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If It Oinks Like a Pig, Must It BE a Pig?

Posted Oct 25 2009 11:05pm

So, it's been five days of two kids being down. Under the weather, if you will. I briefly alluded to the roaming illness a few posts ago - when it had only hit my two oldest - who can pretty much manage on their own. Allegra missed three days of school and NIk was out of sorts most all of the week. Friday jumped up and bit me sharply on the behind, though.

(Riley never truly was seriously "ill", but she fought the good fight with a mean cold for a good week or more. So, I'm not going to classify her as an "ill" child, but at the same point in time, she was clearly under the weather. Just for statistical purposes.)

Friday Mackenzie had her BIG cross country race - the finals of the season, where medals were awarded to the top 20 finishers. She ran her heart out, came in 9th for her school, and finished 21st. And tossed her cookies as soon as she crossed the finish line. I attributed this to running a hard race, in a bit of heat, wtih a fair amount of humidity, and needing to use her inhaler mid race, which has always made my stomach nervous. She acted fine, but drooped when we went home. One of her coaches sagely advised me that "half of these kids are coming down with illness and don't know it, so they all need to go home, drink a lot of water and veg out for the rest of the night!" - advice I followed. She seemed fine. Interestingly, Nik had been ill earlier in the week, rallied, but fell hard Friday afternoon and went home to sleep for 16 hours.

The next day Mackenzie had a tough soccer game in similar weather conditions. She raised her hand in the game to be taken off at one point - something that's never happened. She took her inhaler, drank a lot of water, and went back in. She played the rest of the game - and got into the van and complained about not feeling well. I attributed this to over exhaustion - because, seriously, the kid does NOTHING half assed and competes in every sport as if she's going to be killed otherwise - but wondered when she puked. Was she ill?  She complained bitterly of a bad headache, so I took her temperature - 99.7 - dosed her with Motrin and sent her to bed. Nik got up, ate, took a bunch of medicine, and he went back to bed. I checked the other kids and Emma complained of a headache. I felt her, and she felt warm. Hmmmmm.

Yup. 103.4, right off the bat - dropping like FLIES.  I gave her some Motrin (luckily I bought a bunch a few months ago!) and she started crying - that hard, ugly cry, because she hates taking medicine - and ended up puking all over me. Yay us. Lather, rinse, repeat. All night, all Sunday. She missed Gabe's party and didn't move from the sofa all day - not even one inch. I've never seen the kid so still in my life.

So, by my count, this is day 5 of at least one kid being sick. Nik slept for 10 hours today and his asthma flared. Allegra's asthma flared. AND, Gabe's not been sick, but I could hear him wheezing from ACROSS THE ROOM when I went to tuck him in tonight - so he's on the nebulizer as well.

To recap - starts with a massive headache, turns to a fever, compromises the asthma, might lead to puking, and causes the kid to sleep all day. Does it oink, or does it not? Do I really care? Can I dip them in Purell?

Oh, and my van died. On the road, and I limped it home, to pull into the driveway as smoke began to leak from the sides of the engine. And I'm out of both rum AND vodka.

I'm thinking SERIOUSLY of putting this sign on the front door:

Your browser may not support display of this image.Unclean!

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