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Ice Skating...She Did It

Posted Jan 16 2011 12:00am
Last year Kayla tried roller skating for the first time and she loved it.

This year she tried ice skating. Both kids did actually. It wasn't a complete success, but not a complete failure either.

We rented a 'walker' hoping it would help them skate along by themselves, and save our backs! The kids went around the rink once and wanted a break. Actually both of them wanted to go home. After a short break, and watching Joe and I go around the rink a few times, they both got back out there again.

They only lasted one more time around the rink, but I am so proud of both of them for sticking with it and giving it another go. Since it takes both of them so long to make the loop around I can understand why it tired both of them out!

Kayla was nervous on the ice and didn't care to use the walker, or hold my hand. Her preference was to hold on to the wall to make it around, and she did it. She made it all the way around.

(The thumbnail is sideways, but the actual video isn't)

I don't remember what expectations I had, or didn't have, after Kayla was born and diagnosed with Down syndrome. I know there was sadness and fear of the unknown. I'm sure I didn't expect this ... ice skating. I love how she finds ways to amaze me with the things I least expected.

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