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Ian Melts My Heart

Posted Sep 13 2008 3:49am

At night when I accompany Ian to sleep, he sometimes irritated me for keep talking and takes very long to sleep.

Once a while, he keeps calling ‘mama’, and if I don’t response he will scream until I say ‘har?’

He can keep doing it: ‘Mama’ ‘Har?’, ‘Mama’ ‘Har’, etc. until he drives me nut. And… usually, at that boiling point, he’d just stand up, walk towards me, hands around my neck and say:


Whew! Just as I was about to scold him and ask him go back to lie down and sleep, he melted my heart.

In fact, he has been saying these to me these days (and nights):

“Mama, I love you. Good night mama!” (or good morning mama)

He can say this line many times before he finally falls asleep. My heart always melt like hot fudge chocolate, and guilty too - especially when I was just about to scold him. :P

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