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Ian has got his permanent tooth!

Posted Mar 10 2010 5:20am

Ian has been complaining of painful teeth since before CNY. I have been taking it lightly, because the weather has been hot and guess he was just being ‘heaty’ and probably had gum infection.

I used to brush his teeth every night and train him to brush himself in the morning, because I want to ensure that his teeth is absolutely clean before he goes to bed. I am quite particular about teeth myself, so won’t let go this evening routine.

However, the past 2 months, my job has been getting really demanding that I have been home very late. Maid has taken over this role, so I didn’t really see his teeth much – an oversight myself…

Last Wed night, as usual I was home very late. They were waiting for me, refused to go sleep before seeing me. DH was attending to them, when I reached home at 10+pm. I went straight to their room, and DH was examining Ian’s teeth because he complaint again.

Oh! To our surprise, we saw this

New Tooth Growing

So, congratulations to my boy, his as having his first permanent tooth!

This permanent tooth is popping out from his inner gum, behind the current milk teeth. There is another big one threatening to pop as well.

The milk teeth are still holding strong to their place, not nudging slightly at all, refusing to give space.

Well, this has taken us by surprise because we did not expect this to come so quickly.

I have a set of very ugly teeth, due to the small jaw and large teeth. I wore braces when I was young and did not complete the treatment, which took me 4+ years and I gave up due to the hassle. This uneven teeth of mine was very difficult to clean and very easy to cause tooth decay, so naturally I was quite worried lah…

We didn’t know what to do, so decided to ask our dentist. Dr. Yip has been a good dentist to us, and Ian visited him a few times for checkups.

So we brought him in last Saturday, and this is what the doctor said.

No need to do anything. Let nature take the course. Some dentists may recommend to extract the milk teeth, but he won’t. He said, if there is any ‘damage’ (as in not in the right place), it has been done. No point extracting 4 tiny good milk teeth to give space to that 2 huge permanent teeth that has already grown in a different position.

He said, the teeth will be pushed by Ian’s tongue naturally, and will cause the milk teeth to get loose and will fall off later. The jaw will expand, and will give more space for the permanent teeth to grow later.

I just have to play by ears. Doc confirmed that it is a bit early for Ian. He said usually firth tooth popped around the age of 6+ and it is later for boys. Ian is not yet 6, actually only 5 and a half.

Yeek! Looking at his permanent tooth size, which is double the size of his current milk teeth, I can roughly guess that he would inherit my horrible set of teeth. Poor thing, got this from his mommy. :p

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