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Ian and Preschool

Posted Sep 13 2008 1:01am

We sent Ian to preschool since July. We stopped it in Oct. Ian has been rejecting the preschool, crying every morning. We thought it was the school that was problematic.

In fact, the teachers have been beating him. Almost once or twice a week we heard the teachers reported to us that they beaten him, or punished him. Things got worse when one day Ian told us that the teacher slapped his face.

When DH checked with the principal, she responded strongly and became very defensive. We stopped sending Ian there after.

I found another preschool nearby my mom’s house. It has a large playground, full of activities for toddlers from 18 month old.

I brought Ian there at least 3 times before I finally enrolled him. He told me he liked it!

But then… when actually sending him there, he cried all the way. It is the 4th week now, and he is still crying. Every night he would tell me that he doesn’t want to go there. Every morning he refused to get out of the house.

Sigh! I know his problem - separation anxiety. He has not been left with strangers before. He just got to get used to it. :(

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