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Ian’s Best Friend

Posted Jul 01 2008 11:08am

Ian has gone to the school for over a year now, and have made a few good friends. But no one can beat hisBEST friend.

Come meet his best friend here:

smelly bolster

His name is ‘chou-chou bao-zhen’ i.e.Smelly Bolster. The name was given when he was still a baby. He used to kiss the bolster so much that his salivar made it smelly. Of course, after we washed it, it is no longer smelly but the name sticks.:)

Hetalks to his Smelly Bolster every night and every morningwhen he wakes up. He used to tug it everywhere he goes, but after I applied the rules of no bolsters outside of the bedroom, he ‘tells’ his ‘best friend’ to stay on bed before he leaves the room. He always bid farewell before he leaves his best friend.

When he was over a year old,Mariasuggested it was time for me to upgrade his bolster (or was itMsau?). I agreed and bought a slightly bigger one, given the name ofStar-Star Bolster:

star bolster

Ian loved the new Star-Star bolster, but would only put it near him. Nothing can take over his loyalty toward his dear best friend - Smelly Bolster.

Sometimes it is so irritating (to me), that he spendsso much time talkingto his best friend at night, disturbing both Isabel and me - cannot sleep! His volume is so high, and his best friend’s voice has veryhigh pitch.:D:D

Yes, there ARECONVERSATIONS between Ian and his Smelly Bolster! Sometimes when I find it too noisy and protest, he would push the blame on his Smell Bolster,“Mama, not me talking. It is my Smelly Bolster…”

I have to sometimes threaten to punish the Smelly Bolster, to make him quiet for a while. He won’t sleep if he keeps talking to his best friend!

There was once,his best friend Smelly Bolster ’sings’ aHokkien song. It was so awful, because Smelly Bolster has a veryHIGH PITCH. I couldn’t take and and said (without knowing it was the Smelly Bolster who sang),“Ian, why you sing so awfully?”

Guess what? His reaction was,“Bolster! Mama says you sing very awfully, don’t sing any more!”

Hahaha! That IS his imaginative friend. And he actually claims that it is his BEST FRIEND, not us! Isabel is starting to pick this up from him.She starts to talk to her Julia now…, though I cannot understand their conversation. :p


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