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I Will Not Kill Him, I Will NOT Kill Him

Posted Oct 04 2010 12:00am

Saturday night I had a pot roast I needed to cook.It wasn't that I needed to cook it for dinner, for I was going out to a Bachelorette party and my little kids at home had already eaten leftovers, but this meat needed to be cooked. I haven't ever made a pot roast that I loved and so I surfed around the Internet, looking for a recipe that sounded stunning. I happened to see on Facebook that a friend (Hi, Mary!) had posted that she was cooking Pioneer Woman's Beer Braised Beef - and I took a quick look at the recipe. It looked yummy, got GREAT reviews (Like everything she makes!) and, most importantly, I had all of the necessary ingredients. I quick whipped it up, tossed it in the oven and left for the party.

I texted my hubby to take it out of the oven after 3 hours, and he texted back that it was the best pot roast I'd ever made. When I got home that night - not late, about 11:30, because, hello, I am too old to be able to hang out with 20 something year old women and needed MAH BED -the entire house smelled yummy. My husband and son had eaten A LOT of the meat - I was amazed at how much - and they'd put the rest into a couple of containers for lunches. My hubby indicated one for me.

The next day was Sunday, and we had a couple of families over for pizza and salad for lunch. Dinner ended up being leftover pizza.

Monday was cold and rainy, and after I took the kids to school I did some errands and some computer work and I slipped back into bed for a quick catnap before boxing class. I woke up about 10:30 and I was SO, SO, SO HUNGRY. As my dad used to say, My big 'uns are eating my little 'uns. (NO - I have NO idea what in the world that particular saying means - but I find myself parroting my dad whenever I'm famished.)

I sat in my warm, cozy bed for a minute, thinking about what I had for lunch options. My mind bounced around from option to option, and then my mind lit on TEH BEEF. Of course! That's what I would eat. My mouth watered, for it had indeed smelled fabulous and my hubby had raved on it. I knew that they had eaten most of the SIX(!!!!) pounds over the past two days, but that I had my own personal portion saved and that is what I would eat.

I skipped downstairs, heart gladdened by the thought of the amazing beef on such a cold, dreary day. I knew right where the container was in the fridge, visualized it on the second shelf, thought about how yummy it would be and how filling and warming. It was a perfect portion size to ingest before boxing class and I virtually ran to the fridge and ripped the door open, mouth watering and taste buds awake -

and the container was gone.

I called my hubby in fury to find that, because I hadn't packed his lunch for work as I usually do - I'd had to leave early to put gas in the van (in the POURING RAIN!!) - he'd just grabbed it because he'd really liked it and wanted it again.

The leftover fried rice was NOT EVEN CLOSE.

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