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I Was Vlogging, Before Vlogging Was Cool

Posted Mar 17 2010 9:27am


I hollered at my youngest (she's 8, going on 16) like I never hollered at her, before, this morning.

I mean, HOLLERED, like a tortured animal, causing the poor girl's eyes to go wide and, well, she ran out of the room, obviously NOT wanting to watch her mommy's head explode, for real!!!

What did she do that was so awful?

[bites lower lip]

Honestly, I don't remember. 

Was it reason enough to go WILD on the girl?

Probably not.

Whatever it was, suffice it say, I had reached my breaking point with the child and, well, though I never once thought about hurting her, physically (trust me, I know what THAT feels like) THIS MOMMY JUST NEEDS TO SHOUT OUT, every now and again.

Later, in the carpool lane.

"Do you know why I hollered at you, this morning?"

[eyes go wide]

"I made you mad?"

Well, yes...and no...because, I suddenly realized that it wasn't what she did, or said, that made me angry (not, really) it was that she was STILL doing it and saying she wasn't, while I was trying to tell her, yah, she really was, and to STOP doing it.

"Having to holler, to be heard, makes me mad."

[bites lower lip]

"I hate it when you holler."

[shot to the heart]

"Me, too."

Morale of the Story:  Yes, children should be heard, just not today.

Then again, in a blink of an eye, they grow up and you suddenly forget what they sounded like, when they were little.

Unless, you find old videos, while searching through some computer files, she nearly corrupted. Aaaaaand, you just may be all, like, thank goodness you hollered at her to "STOP USING MOMMY'S LAPTOP" or, you would have totally NOT remembered this moment, either!

[bites lower lip]


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