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I want my Cat, I want my Baby, and I want my Dad to feel better.....AND I WANT IT ALL NOW!!!!!

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:05pm
I guess you could say that some days you are the dog and some days you are the hydrant.

Why?? Let me bring you up to date.

My Dad: Some days are good, some days not so good. At this point, we do not leave him alone - EVER. The last time we did, he apparently passed out and fell flat on the floor! Thankfully he seems none the worse for wear. So now on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I go hang with him while Mom goes to work. (Brett questioned if she needed to quit working and I explained that it provides her a much needed break, makes her feel like a functional human and as a bonus, she gets paid!) Having to deal with the girls and Dad at the same time alone can be, shall we say, challenging? So I ran up the white flag and have requested help from my church friends. At this point, several different kind souls will be keeping the girls on Thursdays while I am with Dad. Can we all say grateful??!!!!

The Adoption: Can we all say Slow Boat to China???? We have been LID for 6 months officially and probably have about 6 more to go, if current info holds. However, there is a precious little angel on our agency's Waiting Child list that has captured our hearts. We are waiting to hear back from GW to see if we have been matched with her. They had intended to let everyone know this week ( Can you see that it is now Saturday????) but had so many applicants for the different children on the list that it will be (hopefully) next week. Aaaarrrrggghhh!!!!! The happy news is that one of my cyber pals was matched with another of the angels off the list....What a Great Mother's Day gift for her!!!! The wait for our news however, is indeed getting to me.

My Cat: What cat, you say? Well, my husband (the 12.0 upgrade) thoughtfully and lovingly got me a cat recently and he is wonderful. He is so soft, so sweet, and soooooo patient (he lets the girls practically maul him) and he is the perfect fit for our family. ....Duh duh Duh duh... UNTIL the night of the tornado. The night of 5/9 we had some really nasty springtime in Texas weather, including a real-live F3 tornado right here in our area. This was the 1st time in 20+ yrs of living in TX that I needed to seek shelter and hung out in the bathroom until it passed. Thankfully the girls slept peacefully through it on the bathroom floor and the tornado passed over our neighborhood without incident (many others were not so lucky). The next morning however, I realized that Charlie (my cat) was no where to be found. We searched high and low. We passed out flyers all around our neighborhood. Nothing. All we can figure is that he slipped out when Brett and I opened the door to verify all was well after the storm passed. I am heartbroken and to make matters worse, so are the girls, especially P1.

So, as you can see, life while never dull around here, can and does indeed make one feel like the dog in the above picture. Now to decide which one I am today!!!

Kassidy Kiersten signing off :)
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