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I Suck On Contest But Lucky On FRIENDS

Posted Sep 06 2010 2:51am

That was my Facebook status. That's because I suck on contests. And though Red's journey as a blogger involves a lot of winnings, mine does not. I don't believe in luck, I believe in hard working, so for some contests that I have won, there's effort on it and not luck.

But that is not the point.

The point is, my most memorable experience as blogger, an official entry to Red's Blogversary Contest .

Events? The allure of going out, attending like a press and being treated like a press? And bringing home a lot of freebies?


Earnings? as in $$$$$


The most memorable experience I had is the time I opened my life to the blogniverse. That was when I poured my emotions on how happy I was to have a baby girl finally. Here's some part of that article
During the time that the OB was explaining and checking the baby, counting the fingers, heart rate, diameter etc, the more important things, my mind is winning (it says it’s a boy dammit! Stop hoping!). And so when she finally says let’s take a look on the sex and we can’t find any balls, I was ecstatic, I was happy; I was everything words cannot explain. It was more than having a Page Rank of 10, more than having an Alexa ranking of 1, it was more than having 100 comments a day. The feeling was more than I could imagine, more that I have ever felt in my whole life. Oh shit just right now while writing this, I am crying. I cried a little, was embarrassed to do a cry a river scene there. I kept my composure but my whole body is aching, there is so much happiness in me that I need to let out. As soon as I got the results I went to the nearest bathroom and poured my emotions there. I guess I convinced myself too much that it was a boy. I really did not expect it to be a girl. I know now how it feels when you want something so bad but gave up on it already.

It was my most memorable experience as 11 people shared the same happiness to me and dream with me, pray with me and wait with me..


more than that. the most apt is HOME.

I found a home in the blogniverse, in the arms of this ladies who haven't even met me yet. These are the ladies that made me whole, made me feel loved and gave me the reason to believe on magic. I have never felt this good to other people. I just cannot explain the closeness and the bond that we all share. That is the best thing that ever happened to me as a blogger. Finding my marces, finding my sisters.

And as the day goes by and as I meet more and more people, I still cannot imagine how lucky I am for these ladies. There is no one that can come close to what I had found in my marces and for that I am forever thankful to discovering blog.. if not for that, I wouldn't have the courage to open my life to them. And I wolnd't have the chance to be aprt of their lives too.

I love you guys!

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