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I suck at Scramble with Friends

Posted Jan 03 2013 8:55am

Last week when Jenny and I quit blogging and had lots of time on our hands (or something like that), I developed a new obsession – Scramble with Friends. I’m sure I’m the last one to this party, but in case you haven’t seen it, it’s basically a Boggle-like game app. Make words, beat your friends, feel good about your prowess.

There’s only one problem – I suck at it.

No really, I do. Take a look.

830-577. I lose.

Bobby found 99 words. I found 53. I lose. Again.


It makes me SO MAD that I am bad at this!! It’s a word game! I am good at word games!! At least I used to be. And frankly, if I don’t have that fact to hang my hat on, I’m not sure what’s left.

There HAS to be a secret trick to this game that I’m unaware of. Do any of you know what it is? What am I missing?!? It’s got to be SOMETHING, and I am not yet willing to concede that it’s me.

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