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I sense a theme to my posts as of late...

Posted Oct 26 2009 11:06pm

I hate when I have a bunch of fun stuff to share and blogging (or better yet, photography, downloading, editing, and uploading) is at the bottom of my To Do list!!

Because a too full brain, does not a Productive Erin make.

So here I am to purge some of the crazy, busy, FUN that is swirling around my head in hopes of getting to work effectively today!

First, we are MOVNG! We leased a house. A big, beautiful HOME. It's within walking distance to Matt's school and our church (which is where Molly & Wyatt go to school.) Some of our best friends live about 8 houses down the street!

It has hard wood floors, wainscoting, crown molding, custom paint colors, and yummy, plush carpet! The house is DOUBLE the square footage we are in now, TWO bathrooms (we've been living with one,) THREE bedrooms (all 3 kids are in one bedroom now,) a living room AND a family room, a grassy front yard complete with roses, a mature shade tree, adirondack chairs and white picket fence, and a picture perfect backyard with TWO outdoor, built in dining and sitting areas and a POOL!

Somebody pinch me.

I haven't even told you the best part of the whole freakin' place!!

.....wait.....wait for it....


(insert insane, devil-ish laughter here) 

I've lived without a dishwasher for the past 8 years. I know it's not a necessity. But when you make 95% of your meals at home, and you have 3-6 kids at any given meal, and each week includes at least one (usually three) reasons to bake a special treat...a dishwasher is close to Heaven. The sweet woman who owns the house told me "It's not brand new, but it works great!" and I thought to myself, "This thing might as well be diamond crusted and smothered in creme brulee...That's how much I love it." 

Those of you who know me personally know I never admit to much of anything being "Better Than Sex" (especially not a chocolate cake, ICK!) But for the first week we are in our new home, the dishwasher just might qualify! 

Some of the other fun stuff....

Moving means Megan will start at a new school. I would be worried by this, except for the fact that she transitioned BEAUTIFULLY to the school she is at now. I think she will do it again great and there are a TON of kids that go to her new school that she knows from church and preschool.

I bought several yards of THIS and I can't wait to make pillows and dust ruffles and blankets from it for the girls new room. The walls are a cranberry red with white glossy wainscoting half way up the sides.

Thinking of complementing it with Michael Miller's Ta Dot in Berry and maybe some hot pink and turquoise minky. YUM!

Haute Tots as been super sucessfull since opening! Sew much sew...I need to get off this laptop and get to work! I have 5 orders that MUST ship by tomorrow or my name is MUD. Self moniker'd of course. But since a couple of the orders are Halloween costumes, I'll be called that by more than myself if I don't get crackin'!

Also have to finish my own children's Wendy Darling, SuperGirl and Diego ensembles.

So if you drive by Bringing Up Burns in the middle of the night this week - now you won't be surprised to see the bright lights turned up and me and Bernie working together like mad women!!

Off to sew, and then to deliver lunch to Daddy at work. In a few weeks we can WALK it over!! So fun!

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