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I’m back finally.

Posted Jun 19 2009 4:03pm

I finally have my site back up but haven't had a chance to actually write anything. So since the last time I blogged a lot happened which are both good and bad. "The Hubby" had to start working from the office since the kids are home for the summer, LOUD. VBS unfortunately is done until the end of July so that means I have to entertain them 100% of the time. So with that, I now am doing a weekly spelling test for "N" which will help him learn his states, both how to write them and where they are on a map. SO by the beginning of the school year, he'll know where most of them are.

We have seen a couple movies and none of them was UP. I'm going to probably wait for it to come out on DVD. We have seen Night at the Museum 2, Horton Hears a Who (Harkins Summer Camp) and Spiderwick Chronicles (Harkins). The kids hardly spoke during Spiderwick which made it soo awesome. When it came out I thought it was too scary for "N" and now it's not, I think he really enjoyed the big boy movie. I am so tired of cartoon movies or movies meant for tweens but this one was ok and yes it could be a little scary, but it's beginning the transformation process for him since he's no longer a little kid and turning into a big kid. I mean he's going into first grade.

We also had their dentist appointment. OMG, I changed dentists and Desert Ridge Pediatric Dentists rock!! I used to go to Dazzle Dental but after they stopped doing Saturday hours I changed to a dentist closer to home. The office is cool, they have two PS3's that the kids can play (GT 4) and a moon thing for them to play on. The kids were back for over an hour but I was able to talk to the dentist afterwards and she is a very sweet lady. They were able to finally get that build up off "O's" teeth (yay!) and "N" had a buildup too which they got off. I was ecstatic to hear the kids have healthy teeth and NO CAVITIES!!! They are now in the No Cavity Club and entered for their monthly drawing. What was really nice was they never once said, "You need to put sealants on." I like how they took their time with the kids to make sure their teeth are clean.

So, right now as I'm trying to get work done I am also very frustrated. I have to blog, entertain the kids (so I don't have to hear fighting), make meals but they have to eat in shifts (or else they don't eat), try to clean the house (doesn't get done till the weekends now, I try to involve them more) and I really hate the heat! I'm trying to help improve "N's" handwriting and I also have to come up with a game plan for "O" since I'm not putting her in pre-k and still keep my sanity and be calm. I'm finding it very difficult to do so and was debating on driving home for about a month but I passed on that. I would probably get frustrated because if I stay at my dad's house I would get upset having to be around cigarette smoke all the time among other things and we would be imposing too much on my MIL with having all the kids there. I'm just beyond so much right now that I'm mad all the time and I can't seem to stop. I may ask "The Hubby" to watch the kids and just go out by myself for a little while (and not to the grocery store) and just be alone.

There are many times lately were I wished that we moved back by where we lived in Peoria. The neighborhood was great, you can walk to so much stuff now (they've built it up a lot), there were some great parks and stuff around there. That's life though huh? Looking back is always better.

Ok well I need to get dressed, I was helping "N" with his spelling test, picking up the kitchen and the kids took forever to eat since I fed them in shifts.

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