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I Promised I Wouldn't...

Posted Aug 12 2008 6:12pm
continue to obsess about Sadie's mystery "allergy to eating." Yes, I do have the new doc I like but she doesn't see Sadie until the end of the month for the endoscopy. Sadie was taking Nystatin and doing fantabulous (to quote Bunky from season one of Big Brother) but now she's on an eating strike again. Today, she's taken a whopping five oz. of formula all day. Yes, you read that right. It's 5:45 here on the west coast and that's all she's had. When the bottle get within eyesight she cries. I've left two messages for the GI but "she's not returning calls until tomorrow" was what I was told. Not good times here today.

Also, my three-year-old couldn't go to school today for reasons I won't go into to preserve her privacy. Oh fuck it, she couldn't POOP. Yeah, you read that right. She stayed home due to constipation. When's the last time you didn't go to work because you needed to stay close to your own bathroom. Don't answer that. So between both twins, my nanny, my daughter, her friend who came over for a playdate since I didn't want her to be without any fun all day and my sister-in-law who dropped by for support, there have been a total of seven vaginas in my house for much of the day. That's six vaginas too many if you ask me.

I heart pain pills if you're holding.
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