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I Never Thought I'd Live to be 90

Posted Oct 21 2010 4:39pm
While shopping in Sam’s today, I met a precious 90-year old woman. Her daughter was shopping with her and had walked ahead to get some items from another aisle. As I got closer to the older woman, who was standing with the shopping cart waiting for her daughter, I noticed that this petite woman was also connected to an oxygen tank. I smiled as I walked by and she turned and said, “I am 90-years old. I never thought I’d live this long.” Then, the conversation got interesting
Me: “I would not have guessed you were 90 years old. You look great.” (And she did!)

Lady: "I had by-pass surgery 19 years ago. I smoked when I was younger. I think that’s where all the problems started. But, boy did I have fun back in the day.”

Me: “I bet you did.” (We started laughing)

Lady: “But, I never thought I’d live to be 90 years old.”

Me: “It’s funny how we don’t think about things like that when we are younger, huh?”

Lady: “Yeah. I wish I would have saved more money, too. But, honestly, I never thought I’d live to be 90 years old.”

The conversation continued on and I began to think about the wisdom this woman just shared with me. How many times am I so caught up in the moment and thinking “I’ll start that diet or exercise program tomorrow” or “I can always catch up on my retirement account next year”? Life happens fast. Sometimes, faster than we realize.

Just something to think about today. And, maybe remember when one day when we are 90-years old and thinking – “I never thought I’d live to be 90 years old.”
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