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I missed my bloggie buddies.

Posted Oct 19 2008 7:20pm

I’m back from my womens weekend in the country.  It was nice.  Nice in the way that I didn’t have to lift a finger the whole time.  (except for personal hygiene, just fyi)  Food was terrific and pleeeeentiiiifuuuull.  (Which did nothing for my diet.  I mean “new healthy lifestyle”  :)  )  So, this moment is a new moment.  We’re starting this moment right now. And enjoying it too.  :)

The girls were adorable when I got home - all talking at once.  I have to say, it is a bit of an adjustment to go from spoiled ladies retreat, to chaotic household.  I’m just breathing.  In.  Out.  In.  Out.

The ladies were ladies,  darn it if there aren’t a few downsides to a couple hundred women getting together.  Do you get my drift?  I’m all for mocking out everything in site.  But MY hubby?  I don’t think so.   But I suppose there’s a few of those people in every group, right?

It was nice to sit with other ladies and get to know some of them.  It was nice to grow closer to a couple friends from church.  It was absolutely divine to have all the washing, cooking, and cleaning done for us!  It was delectable to have a chocolate fountain and many, many other treats.  I felt like a princess!  And gifts!  We got a goodie bag on arrival.  Plus there were over 100 door prizes, and a large silent auction.  I’m happy to get to create a new blog for one of the auction winners on Healing Graphics and Designs.

The speaker was Lee Ezell.  Great grandmotherly wisdom, simple, SIMPLE Biblical truths that can truly change a life.  There isn’t really a whole lot of theory or theology that can heal a wounded rape/ abuse victim.  But Christ can.  And it was very neat to speak to this lady who has gone through more atrocities than I can even imagine, and is happy and productive and fulfilled in life!  She’s not exactly the grumpy grandparent type - a comediene is more like it.  That was great and encouraging.

I got to journal a little.  Reviving my journaling habbit is going to be quite high on my priority list over the next couple of days.  Remember the days when you journaled regularly?  Do you still?   I let my journal fall by the wayside for the last couple years on and off.  So its time to turn it on again.  I`m excited about the learning and the emotional release that it will bring too.  All good.

I had no emotional crisis or huge revelation.  Just a really nice time.  Where I was Cathy.  Just Cathy.  And I learned a little more about who that is.  It was a great experience!

How was your weekend?  I will be blog hopping later on tonight!

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