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I made gluten-free Cheez-its type crackers!

Posted Jun 27 2013 8:26am
Gluten free Cheez-its

I am super-proud of my mad culinary skills, y’all! Because I made gluten-free cheez-its. And they were DELICIOUS! Now, I’m not totally perfect (sorry to burst your bubble). My 2nd batch was way better than my first.  But dang, are they GOOD!! I didn’t realize how much I missed crackers until I found myself frantically stuffing my face with these.

Now just so I am not accused of recipe stealing, I got the recipe here from Fields of Green . Well, actually I got it from my friend Kris, but she got it from Fields of Green.  It’s also pinned on my Gluten Free Pinterest board if that’s easier for you.

Here is a trick I learned by trial and error. In the recipe it notes that it’s really important to get the dough rolled very thin. Well, I learned that what I thought was thin was not thin enough. So the second time around I rolled it as thin as I could, cut out my crackers, then cut each one in half and rolled them again individually. More time consuming but it made a much crispier cracker! If you are a real baker you probably have some tool that does that for you (ahem, Becky Dell.)

Raw on the tray. Need to be rolled thinner.

Raw on the tray. Need to be rolled thinner.

Also, the first time I pricked them with a fork, but then I decided that didn’t look authentic enough, so the second time I just made one whole in the center like a real Cheez-it (as you can see in the picture a the top of this post).

Gluten free Cheez-Its on tray

My first batch finished.

So there ya go. They were awesome. Even the non-GF kids in my family loved them! I hope you do, too. If you decide to make these, here’s another tip: I got my sweet rice flour on Amazon because I didn’t want to take the time to go out and hunt for it in a store. Plus, at the time it was a really good price.

Enjoy! Let me know if you make them!

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