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I’m recovering from my depression

Posted Mar 30 2009 3:12pm

Two months ago I was desperate, down, exhausted and fed up with my life. I was touching the bottom of the weld. Now I feel I’m by the sea. I’m calm, not too much stressed, I’m more aware of what is going around me and therefore I’m feeling happy again.

Two months I went to a psychiatrist appointment, nothing related to the way I was feeling inside and even so I was diagnosed with a depression. Deep down I knew I was depressed, I was there in the past and I was having the same symptoms again. This doctor prescribed me one pill a day of an anti-depressive and here I am feeling like a new woman.

This anti-depressive only have side effects on the first week, after that I feel no side effects, I’m not sleepy, I’m not groggy, I’m not sedated, I’m just normal but a lot calmer. The boss can shout, scream, I don’t mind, I’m taking it easy in a relaxed way.

I’m a lot calmer at home, I can think before I act and the kids are also a lot happier with me feeling this way. So I’m feeling great and I’m making those around me also great. That’s great!!

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