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I'm confused.At what point of the pregnancy does one baby become twins?

Posted by NewChanges

At my 6 week ultrasound, the dr. found only one heartbeat(one baby). Now at my 25 week ultrasound, I found out and saw with my own eyes that I am pregnant with twins. I don't know how and when that happened. Shocked and Confused.
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I'm not a doctor, but I think that fraternal twins happen when two sperm fertilize two eggs= 2 different babies.  I believe identical twins are one fertilized egg that splits into 2 zygotes.  They split after 2 days usually, says wikipedia.

 But I DO know that 6 weeks is quite young to find a heartbeat.  He or She must be a great doctor (or good ears at least!)  But it would be all together possible to miss a second heartbeat at only 6 weeks old.  

 I don`t have multiples so I can`t even imagine how shocking it must be!  Maybe you would benefit from joining a `multiples`discussion or online group?  This page from Baby Center has a link to a discussion board, and answers to questions like - how do I know if I`m expecting twins, can I exercise, how much weight should I gain?

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and my thoughts are with you as you try to adapt to this news.  

Take care,


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