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I’m back, Finally!

Posted Aug 23 2008 6:16pm

I’m back, Finally!


It’s torturing when you face a problem and you have no idea what causes it and how to solve it!

My account was suspended for 3 days because there was An increase in users, or a large surge of people at the same time. - That’s the bottomline. Sounds rather ironic, being penalised for such an issue.

Anyhow for those of you who are IT savy, you may want to read the following email sent to me by my hosting company support group, if not, you can skip all the italics and scroll right down to see my posts during my MIA from this site.


Part of your account was disabled for using to much processor power.

An increase in users, or a large surge of people at the same time can

create a problem like this. A plugin that is malfunctioning or is not

efficient can also have this effect.

There is a plug in we recommend people install to reduce the amount of

CPU the server uses when someone views the page. It is called

wp-super-cache and can be found here:

This plugin parses (processes) the pages and creates an HTML file to

show viewers. This allows your blog to serve more people at once, and

lowers the cost on the processor per view.

I cannot activate the file until you take some action like installing

this plug in. I am aware you will need to log into the admin section to

finish this. Please goto to get your

IP address. The number will in the format. Email me

back when you have this. I will enable that address to connect to the

full site.

When this installation is done we can activate your account.”

(when I asked him what other factors could result in my site being suspended other than there was “An increase in users, or a large surge of people at the same time” Wink he mentioned the following….

“There are multiple things that can create an increase in CPU usage.

Popularity is one aspect, and the cache plugin will reduce the amount of

load created by people visiting the site. Another would be ineffective

plugins, some bad search engine crawlers, spam bots, cron (scheduled)

wp or unix jobs, and many other variables.”

keeping my fingers crossed….’cos some of the stuff mentioned here are beyond my control….wish me luck, won’t you? *wink*

Before I started this blog, I was using Google Blogger. So for the past 2-3 days, I was blogging over there - The following were the 2 posts over there when my (this) site was inaccessible.

Today’s Post: Can I have some good news, please?

Thursday’s Post: What a lousy excuse!

So, in future “Touch Wood” if my site is not accessible again, you could pop by over there to see if I’m still alive. *laugh*

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