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I'm a Grandma. Well, Sorta.

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:25pm

I'm participating in Show & Tell Fridays over at Kelli's House.

About six months ago, a scrawny little stray kitten followed our children home after playing in the nearby woods. Feeling sorry for it, we gave it some milk & cat food. Naturally, the kids begged to keep the stray kitten. We already had 2 cats & weren't in the market for another. Quite conveniently, we were leaving for our Wild Wild West RV Tour in a few days. We told the kids ~ if the cat is here when we get back in two weeks, we can keep it. Feeling pretty confident in the assumption that there was no way the kitten would be there when we returned almost 2 weeks later, we left on our vacation.

Ya'll know what happens when you assume, right? Makes a you-know-what out of you & me. Take a wild guess where the scrawny little stray kitten was as we pulled into the driveway after 2 weeks of vacation. It was quite literally sitting at the doorstep patiently awaiting our return. Needless to say, we now had a new member of the family. Like it or not.

Paratrooper Man was a gem. He took Fluffy to the vet for her vaccinations, along with the other 2 cats. And along with 2 little girls in tow. The vet said to bring her back on any Tuesday. You see, Tuesdays are "surgery days" at the vet's office. Surgery, as in "getting fixed" or being spayed. It was my designated responsibility to take Fluffy to be spayed. It was a fair deal. Paratrooper Man took her to get her shots. I take her to get spayed.

Let's just say, I didn't hold up my end of the deal. Go ahead & say it. It's OK. It's my fault the kitten got pregnant. I'm an irresponsible pet owner.

In my defense ~ Who was Paratrooper Man kidding when he assigned the responsibility of taking the cat to be spayed to me anyway? I'm the woman who once told my obstetrician while being treated for pregnancy-related anemia ~ that strangely did not seem to be improving despite being prescribed iron supplements: "Yes, I take my prenatal vitamins regularly. Just like I took my birth control pills regularly."

So, my pleasant slumber was interrupted at 1:30 am last night. Goldilocks was squealing with delight, "Fluffy is having her kittens in my bed!" Yes, you read that right. The Mama cat climbed in bed with our youngest daughter & deposited her squeaky little kittens right there in the bed.
We forgive her though. Her kittens are the cutest things ever. There are 4 of them. Three gray striped kittens & one jet black kitten. Here they are at about 6 hours old...
The Proud Mama
6 hrs old. Born 4/29 01:30AM
The Sweetest Face Ever

6 hrs old. Born 4/29 01:30AM
The Biggest One of the Litter

6 hrs old. Born 4/29 01:30AM
Staking Out Territory ~ My Nipple

6 hrs old. Born 4/29 01:30AM
Two Kittens Fighting Over A Nipple

6 hrs old. Born 4/29 01:30AM
The fiesty black kitten knocked his little womb mate down

6 hrs old. Born 4/29 01:30AM
Poor thing ~ The black kitten is now using it as a stepping stool

6 hrs old. Born 4/29 01:30AM
It's a Dog-Eat-Dog world ~ even at 6 hours old. Kitten limbs everywhere.

6 hrs old. Born 4/29 01:30AM
The proud Mama decided to roll over ~ Look at the pile of kittens scurrying

6 hrs old. Born 4/29 01:30AM
Initially, I was worried about the health of her kittens ~ Not anymore. Look at them go!

6 hrs old. Born 4/29 01:30AM
The proud Mama rolled over, rounded up her kittens & put her paw around them

6 hrs old. Born 4/29 01:30AM
I translated that as: Go away nosy lady. I'm tired & these kittens are a handful.
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