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I love Isabel’s kiddy talks

Posted Jul 12 2010 6:57pm

Lately, Isabel has becoming very chatty. She would go on talking and talking… hmmm, is this woman’s nature huh? LOL!

These are some of her very honest yet cutie talks…

One day, she was resting on my tummy, she patted it and said (first to herself), “Big, big”
Then loudly to me, “Mama, big-big stomach, fat-fat. Mama, you are fat lah!”
Sob, sob…

One morning, I sent her to the school, dropped by to chat with the teacher. Her teacher told me that, one girl offended her, she cried very badly. The girl apologized to her… and guess what she said?

“Sorry for what?”

She wanted the girl to be specific! OMG, she is learning fast – imitating ME!!! Well, at home, she tends to say ‘sorry’ very easily, without any sincerity, kind of abusing the word. So, whenever she apologizes, I always make her to be specific, sorry for what? And now, she is doing that to her friends! It is unusual for a 4-year-old to say that, so the teacher… err, actually the school! are very shocked with her reaction. LOL!

Well, one of the things that we tend to do with kids, is to take what they say lightly (not supposed to, but we tend to do that!). One day, she said something to me while I was busy attending something (can’t remember now). After she said, I didn’t respond, and then she said it in a very clear and crisp voice, “Don’t make me repeat what I said huh!”

Wow! That is also exactly the same phrase I say to her, when I felt that I was nagging already!

And, sometimes, to get my attention, she would also do this… She would call, “Mama” first. If I was reading and answered ‘yes’ with my head down, she would say, “Mama, look at me when I talk to you…”

Oops, look, sometimes kids are teaching us a lot of things. I always complaint to them that they don’t look at me when I talk to them, but look at myself! She was reminding me, using exactly the same phrase I would with them! Guilty me…

One night, we were playing on the sofa… I called Ian “Prince” and Isabel “Princess”. Then I asked, what about me? I half expected them to say that I am a queen and daddy is a king. But Isabel’s answer made me ROTFLOL!

She said, “You are princes… OLD princess…”

She giggled, then continue, “Daddy is lao-wang-zi (old prince), hold a walking stick.”

Wahahahahahaha! Daddy is lao-wang-zi, I am lao-gong-zhu. Pengsan!

One day, we were talking about age, she suddenly asked me, “Mama, why you grow up so fast?”

When watching the world cup, (can’t remember which match already) we asked each person, which team he/she wants to win. There were white and (I think, can’t be sure now) black colored shirts players. When it was Isabel’s turn, she thought for a while… then said, “I want the green one to win”

Ian laughed at it, “Hahahaha, where got green one?!”

She insisted! Then I watch closely… realized that she was referring to the goal keepers’ shirt. LOL! Okay, he was wearing green color shirt. It was a valid color/side. LOL!

You see, she just doesn’t like to choose any standard answers you expect her to. Whenever she roll her eyes, you can expect she is plotting on giving you some unexpected answers. She is really that funny, you know?

This girl really makes us laugh at home, although she also drives me nuts sometimes. :)

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