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I Lost My Report Book!

Posted Nov 17 2011 5:56am

I Lost My Report Book!
Allan had been asking, “Have you got back your report book?” whenever Keatkeat hops into the car after school, ever since the exams were over.

Finally, today he received the answer he had been waiting for. Keatkeat said: “Yes!”

I got excited because I always love to read the teacher’s comment section, so I said, “Yeah! I want to see.”

We drove from his school gate to the coffeeshop.
All school books were on the car seat.
School Bag was nearly emptied.
Yet, he has not passed me his report book yet.

“Where is your report book?!” Allan snapped.

“I don’t know! I remember putting it in my bag.” Keatkeat in his anxious tone replied.

“What do you mean you don’t know?! If you are so sure that you have put it in your bag then are you saying that it ran out of your bag on its own?!” I questioned.

“I really don’t know! I got put it in! I really did!” Keatkeat insisted.

We were pissed!

Keatkeat has lost several things before in the past and had been using his own money to get a replacement. I am a parent who does not believe in ‘paying’ for my child’s mistakes. Its vital that the child must learn to take responsibility and bare consequences even when they are young.

But its REPORT BOOK this time! Results from Primary 1 and 2 are in it. Not something you can buy with money, if the school system did not keep a record of past year results.

So we drove back to school. I instructed Keatkeat to go back to his class to search for his report book. The ______ (too angry to write the adjective) boy stood outside his empty classroom for one second and walked back to me and shook his head.

“Why didn’t you go into the class to search?!” I was furious!

Keatkeat: “No One Is inside.”

Me: “Of ‘cos no one is INSIDE!!! The class is over, your classmates have gone home and your teacher might have gone home too already! Get inside the classroom and search around your table now!!!”

Keatkeat went in and after a few seconds came out and said, “My friend, Tricia’s report book is on my table.”

Me: “Do you sit beside her?”

Keatkeat: “Yes.”

Me: “She must have taken your report book by mistake.”

Just then, a relief teacher walked towards us and we asked her if Keatkeat’s teacher was still in school, she said they were having a photo shooting session in the hall and told us to wait.

We waited for 30mins before she came and had the same conclusion as I. I asked: “Could you please call Tricia now and see if my son’s report book is with her. If yes, then we can drive to her place and exchange the report book with her.”

She agreed and left for her room. We waited for another 15mins and she confirmed our assumption. Tricia had Keatkeat’s report book. So we drove to her house immediately and exchanged the report books.

Though the report books were finally back to the rightful owner’s hands, it has also proven that Keatkeat’s ‘dreamy-sickness’ has worsen. Now he have hallucination. *eyes rolled*

He did not even put his report  book into his bag but he BELIEVED he did. *double eyes rolled*

I Lost My Report Book! Google

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