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I laughed and worried at the same time…

Posted Mar 05 2012 5:45am

Last night as I was checking Ian’s school bag, I took out his 造句 (build sentences) exercise book and found a few that I couldn’t stop laughing, but at the same time also worried/ sad for him.

First it was 勇敢 (brave). He wrote this: 我要很勇敢的去学校上课。 (I must be very brave to go to the school study)

Second one was 紧张 (nervous). His original was something like ‘we should not be nervous, nervous is no good’. I asked him to improve, coz it doesn’t carry out the meaning of nervous. So he changed to this: 我去学校上课会很紧张。 (I am very nervous going to study at school)

Aiyoh, he makes the school sounds like a very scary and awful place to be. I’m not sure if this is what he truly feels, or is he just making up, so he could complete the homework. I know he hates school, but never know that he needs strong courage to overcome the fear and anxiety of school.

Sigh… Laughed a lot at first, worried at the end. Am I worried too much, or should I just laugh and forget it?

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