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Posted Jun 24 2010 4:19am
Don't tell me you don't.. because I won't believe you. I really really hate plastic. It can always break my day. It can ruin my life and it brings out the the worst in me. Whenever I encounter plastic, I curse, I think of how stupid I can be.. I blame myself for letting plastic ruin my day. I blame myself for allowing everything.. I blame myself for not listening to my instinct..

Does it ever happened to you? When you are in doubt and yet you go on. Your instinct telling you otherwise but you just go on. And then.. you realized, your efforts are turned into waste.. You just realized that whatever you do, you just can't fit in everything? And then you blame yourself.. why does it have to happen to you when in fact you could have done something to prevent it.. why you?

I really really hate that feeling and from now on, I promised myself I will never let plastic ruin my life... I will do everything to avoid to avoid the hassle and the stress plastics give me.. From now on... and from years to come.. plastic is my new best friend.. because now I know..

one meter of plastic cover can cover 7 to 8 books.. the usual book size.. if you are good.. half meter can cover 4 books.. and this year will be the last mistake I will ever commit... The mistake of buying extra or less plastic cover... now I know...From now on, I will no longer curse in the middle of covering their books because the plastics are not enough.. nor will I regret seeing extra plastic on the floor.. from this day onwards, I know.. one meter is equal to 8 books..

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