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I hate job interviews

Posted May 31 2009 10:06pm

I never liked job interviews anyway. And now, if I am lucky I get one. LOL! So ironic!

To get my last job, the interviews weren’t easy. 2 sessions. First session with my ex-boss and HR. Those were full of technical questions, which were easy for me. The 2nd interview was a lot more challenging. The session went on for 2 hours! I was asked to role play as a country chairman or CEO (can’t remember, that was 6 years ago), and there were quite a number of crisis happened. I was asked to think about what I should do as the head of that country’s business.

Those crisis were not easy. People, Ethics, Supply, Profit/target, Fulfilling contract agreements, etc.

Last week, I met up with a headhunter. Interviews with headhunters usually are easy. I have never met up with a headhunter that gives difficult question. But last week, not sure why, I was sooooooooo sleepy. It was after lunch. I already tried to eat something light with fruits, and I was still very sleepy!!!

In the beginning of the interview, I couldn’t focus much. I wasn’t myself. LOL! But towards the end it was better.

Today, I am going to meet another headhunter. This is to explore the same position (I suspect) that I applied through another agency in April. Hmm… wonder what happened. I wasn’t contacted at all. Did they think I overqualified again (they are looking for 6 years exp only)? Or did they just pull string on that agency and switched to this one? Or did the agency not submit my name at all?

Anyway, pray for me!!! I want to land on something useful!!!

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