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I Hate It

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
May I vent?  Well, of course I's my blog.

I hate cerebral palsy.

I hate not being normal.

I hate going to the playground.

I hate not being able to visit with the other mommies at the playground and play groups.  I don't get to know the other mommies.

I hate it that all the mommies sit around and chat while I am being my daughter's legs.

I hate it that I don't like to go to play groups anymore.

I hate it that these same mommies will talk about cerebral palsy and "the little girl in KinderMusik who has cp and can't walk so she crawls around awkwardly", when they think I'm out of earshot.

I hate that my 3 1/2 year old daughter sits in the stroller while I help my other two kids go down the fireman pole.

I hate that when my daughter requests "I want to slide too" that I can't let her because the slide is too tall and I need someone to help me.

I hate it that I leave her in the swing too long sometimes, because it's easier.

I hate it that some mommies with 2 perfectly normal children can't find time to do anything but talk about how smart and athletic they are. (I know I'm kind of harsh on that one)

I hate it that I can't find time to do anything because I'm always taking my daughter to therapies and doctors.

I hate it that all our money goes toward therapies and procedures rather than dance lessons and soccer camp.

I hate it that I can't do more with my other two kids because I am my daughter's legs.

I hate it that I hate it.

What do you hate?

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